Over the past two decades, Mark has pushed the limits of endurance, spoken at thousands of events, and worked in over 100 countries. Amongst other Guinness World Records, he remains the fastest person to have cycled around the planet. Mark's passion for entrepreneurship takes him into a range of businesses, backing innovation and advising on growth.



Peter is in high demand for facilitating dialogues and conferences related to the sustainable development agenda. He set up Quest Associates in 1995, which has delivered facilitation services to hundreds of clients on every continent.

Peter covers interventions on a huge range of subjects and has wide experience of helping to bridge differing perspectives on challenging issues. He has a special interest and expertise facilitating dialogues and conferences related to the sustainable development agenda. This includes responses to the challenge of climate change; moving to a circular economy, future cities, eco-innovation to implementation, quality of life, social inclusion and governance issues.



Sheila Barkevich graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and immediately joined Callanan Industries, Inc., a CRH Americas Materials Company.  She began her career in Quality Control and after earning her MBA, worked her way up to Sr. VP of Asphalt and QC.  She is currently a Performance Manager in CHR’s Americas Materials Northeast Division and is the President of Woman of Asphalt in the US.


Graduated in Chemistry at the University Jaume I (Castellon). After completing the university stage, I initiated my professional career in the construction sector almost 7 years ago, specifically in the Asphalt Laboratory of BECSA as an intern. After that period, I became the Standardization, Quality Control and R&D&i Assistant, where my labour mainly consists in ensuring the Quality of the final product and partly lies in researching and developing the projects outlined.


Shahin Eskandarsefat graduated his bachelor and master degrees with honours in civil engineering. He did his Ph.D. at University of Bologna, during which he attended as research scholar at TU Vienna, University of Calabria and University of California Pavement Research Centre. Currently he is a Senior Researcher at Iterchimica dealing with research works and academic collaborations.



Dr Breixo Gómez is the Technical Director of the European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA). Among other tasks, he is the focal point of the Association for technical issues and the Secretary of the EAPA Technical Committee, the Health, Safety and Environment Committee, and the Asphalt 4.0 Committee. He is also in charge of representing the European asphalt industry in several CEN Standardisation Committees and since 2020 he is the Convenor of the CEN Technical Committee 227 “Bituminous Mixtures”.



Dr Thierry Goger is a senior executive in Transport Research and European Affairs. As FEHRL Secretary-General, the association of the European National Road Research Centres, Thierry is a strategist and an engaged facilitator of cooperative research and innovation, in the field of road and transport infrastructure. Thierry has also a solid experience in policy-briefing and research grant management, as well as in fostering the exploitation and implementation of research results.
Prior to joining FEHRL, Thierry was the Science Officer for the Transport and Urban Development Domain at the COST Office – European Cooperation in Science and Technology. His expertise and advocacy are regularly solicited by the industry, policy-makers and transport authorities.
On the research front, Thierry has about 20 years of experience and is a Coordinator or Partner of several European projects.


2011 - 2015
Bachelor of Science: Civil Engineering (Technical University of Darmstadt)
2015 - 2018
Master of Science: Mobility and Infrastructure (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
2018 - 2019
Technical Trainee/Site Manager (STRABAG Großprojekte GmbH)
Since 2020
Research Associate (Transportation Infrastructure Engineering – Technical University of Darmstadt)


Navid Hasheminejad is a postdoctoral researcher at the Road Engineering Research Section of the University of Antwerp. His work focuses on the application of optical measurement systems to characterize the mechanical properties of bituminous materials. He recently started an FWO-funded project to develop an accelerated methodology to characterize the viscoelastic properties of bituminous mortar using high-power ultrasound transducers.


He received his bachelor's and master's degrees from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Ljubljana. He spent more than 20 years of his career at the engineering company DRI Investment Management. He also participated in the implementation of various international projects for the European Commission and the World Bank.

He is the initiator of the establishment and the president of ZAS, Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association, since 1996. He is involved in various professional bodies of the European Asphalt Pavement Association EAPA, where since 2016 he has been a member of the executive committee in his second term, in which he represents the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.


Bernhard Hofko is a Professor for Road Engineering at TU Wien and Head of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Chemo-Mechanical Analysis of Bituminous Materials. His work focuses on improving our understanding of bituminous materials by finding links from the nano- to the macro-scale including mechanical, chemical and structural information. Prof. Hofko’s work is driven by the idea that roads and road materials must be optimized not only technically and economically, but also regarding ecological and social impacts to be fit for the 21st century and beyond. He is member of several national and international standardization and scientific boards.


Ian joined Eurobitume as General Manager for the UK in March 2022 after a long career with Nynas Bitumen in a variety of technical roles. Ian holds a PhD in polymer chemistry and has always had a particular interest in polymer-modified bitumens. Ian is the chair of the Energy Institute’s expert panel on bitumen test methods, chair of BSI B510/19 (Bitumen Specifications), a member of CEN TC 336/WG1 (Bituminous Binders for Paving) and the chair of CEN TC 336/WG1/TG14 “Future Specifications”

Recently appointed as Eurobitume’s Technical Lead, Ian is responsible for the development of training packages, is an active member of the task forces on safe handling & safe delivery of bitumen and bitumen test methods.

Ian is also a Director of the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA).


Geir has been a member of several EAPA committees for the past 10 years as the Norwegian representative for Asphalt Contractors Association (EBA).

Works daily in Veidekke Industri, Norway's largest contractor, as Manager for Infrastructure projects, Asphalt division, responsible for highway, airport and Core dam projects.

The asphalt industry's environmental responsibility has been high on his agenda since 2015, and he has been involved in the preparation of PCR for bituminous mixtures first through EAPA, and development of the EPD tool for preparing project specific EPD which are currently used in Norway. Today a member of CEN227/WG6.     



Experienced bitumen and asphalt industry professional Francisco Lucas was elected as President of Eurobitume at the association’s Annual General Meeting in March 2022. 

Francisco is Repsol’s Technical Assistance and Asphalt Business Development Manager and currently represents the Spanish energy and petrochemical company in a number of industry bodies. These include the Technical Association of Roads of Spain (ATC), where he has been on the Paving and Conservation Technical Committees since 2007; the Technical Association of Bituminous Emulsions of Spain (ATEB), where he has twice served as President; and the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR), where he is on the committee for asphalt products. 

He is also a member of the Technical Commission of the Association of Asphalt Mix Manufacturers of Spain (ASEFMA); the PIARC “Pavements Committee”; the International Federation of Bituminous Emulsions (IBEF); and the European standardization committees (CEN) for bituminous products. 

Since 2017, Francisco has been a member of the Eurobitume Board of Directors and a member of the Public Relations and Communications (PRC) Committee. He was Eurobitume Vice-President between April 2021 and March 2022.

A qualified Civil Engineer with a specialty in Roads from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Francisco co-founded the World Road Day and holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a Directive Development Programme from the IES Business School.



I work in Operations and Maintenance – Technology Section in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, NPRA.

My main tasks are development of asphalt contracts, improvement of quality and to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas from our asphalt business.

I have formerly been working for an asphalt contractor, but the last 12 years I’ve been working in the NPRA.

I was chairman of the Norwegian Asphalt Association in the period 2017 till 2020. I am now a member of the board of KFA (Kontrollordningen for asfaltgjenvinning), The information Center for Recykling of Asphalt.


Philippe Moseley works in Brussels at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW). He is responsible for policies relating to the green transition of the construction industry, including fostering a circular economy and reducing life cycle greenhouse gas emissions. Prior to joining the Commission in 2014, Philippe practised as a professional architect and urbanist in the private sector for over 15 years, designing buildings and infrastructure projects across Europe. He holds Masters degrees in architecture (Royal College of Art, London) and in urbanism (KU Leuven university, Belgium).



Further to a post-graduate degree in translation and an intensive training in Sales and Marketing, Christophe Nicodème started his career working as Senior Sales Manager for companies specialized in the road infrastructure sector, for road markings, road repair, maintenance, and safety systems and solutions.

He counts with a long international experience in assessing and implementing Traffic Calming Schemes in urban areas and on major road networks in different countries in Europe, Latin America, and Russia.

In 2008, he has been appointed Director General of the European Union Road Federation (ERF), a non-profit organisation representing the European Road Infrastructure sector and acting as a platform of dialogue and research for road mobility issues, with particular focus on road safety, road asset management and sustainable and smart mobility.


EAPA and Asefma President

I love my work. I am a Doctor in Chemical Engineering and since 1984 I have been working in the asphalt paving sector. During my first 22 years as Technical Director of a Spanish company with great international activity and since 2006 I have been working as the head of Asefma. I have had the privilege of coordinating large European research projects (OPTEL, SCORE, Proyecto Fenix, etc.) and the last 10 years I have considered myself a "knowmad" convinced that digitization is not only an option but is already an axis fundamental for the development of our industry and for attracting young talent to our activity. Follow me on @jjpotti


Mike Southern is a bitumen consultant who has worked in the bituminous materials industry for nearly 40 years. His work history includes Colas, Shell and most recently was Senior Technical Advisor for Eurobitume. During his time working with Eurobitume he was a part of the CARE group, tasked with reviewing and recommending industry actions to emerging research publications.



  • 30.09.2016: degree ‘Master of Science’ (civil engineering), university of Siegen (Germany)
  • October 2016 – May 2017: scientific assistant, institute of road construction, university of Siegen (Germany)
  • Since June 2017: advisor asphalt construction and technology, German Asphalt Pavement Association
  • Since September 2021: director, German Asphalt Institute
  • Member of different national and international committees


Blake sits on the Leadership Team of Monitor Deloitte in the UK, Deloitte’s Strategy Practice. He spends his time working with our largest clients to help them understand likely energy transition pathways for their sector, and to define winning strategies within those pathways.  

As part of his role, Blake has looked at the transition pathways for the Aviation, Shipping, Road Freight, Agriculture and Construction (including road) sectors. In response to identified pathways, he has helped launch a new hydrogen trucking business, new digital propositions to improve efficiency in the shipping sector, and a platform to support voluntary offset markets. Blake recently finished a 6-month study on decarbonising the Construction and Road sector which included 80+ one-on-one interviews with executives across the value chain, including: materials producers, EPCs, regulators, financiers, OEMs, and buyers / customers. He will be bringing some of the highlights from this study to be presented during the panel